Interesting “arguments” against incest

Someone questioned on my YouTube channel why I made such a romantic video about James and Zilpha from Taboo FX/BBC. And she gave totally valid arguments… Here’s what she said (translated from Spanish):

“Why did you put so much romanticism to this video with that song? They are blood siblings that sleep with each other. The show is great but we have to call a spade a spade. Let’s not make incest something romantic when it’s not. […]”

“[..] We have to be intelligent here. What’s common nowadays isn’t normal, let’s not send the wrong message here because it could be harmful.”

“[…] What I and many others find wrong is that two blood-related siblings have sex, we know that it’s not right, I personally know a case of incest and it has wrecked the family.”

“[…] I’ve talked to a [gay] friend and he agrees with me, he’s sensible and more intelligent than many heterosexual people who think that this is modernity and progress when in reality it’s a shameful step backwards. […]”

Just… LMAO.

We are being censored

So I posted this on reddit r/activism and a similar post on a polyamory forum:

Hi there guys. I’d like to share with you people our community: full marriage equality; we support ALL kinds of consensual relationships, that includes poly relationships and their right to (multiple persons) marriage as well as incest — only ADULT CONSENSUAL INCEST. We ALL deserve equal rights.

In case any of you want to help our cause, please take a look at our blogs, join our facebook group(s) and forums, and do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns or doubts or questions! We needs LOTS of people if we want any change happening at all. We have to put a STOP on discrimination, not only against LGBT+ people but against poly people and consang people as well who are two very misunderstood and frowned upon groups and still ILLEGAL in many countries. Thanks in advance.

And please don’t worry about not knowing how you can help or how you can contribute to advance our cause. You don’t need to be a writer or blogger or have any special skills. All we need are supportive, open-minded people and there are LOTS of small ways in which you can help.

And both threads have been DELETED by the moderators. On reddit I have actually been banned from the activism subreddit. No explanations in both cases. Same thing happened when I tried to discuss incest on a few weeks ago. We are being censored, guys. Incest is still such a taboo in 2017 that we can’t even talk about it openly. This is wrong on so many levels that I don’t even know where to begin. Something needs to be done about censorship ASAP.

WTF with someone’s “argument”

People’s stupidity seriously never cease to amaze me. Someone on Reddit wrote this during my debate:

“If evolution developed a way for siblings to not want to fuck each other (this is not just expressed in humans but animals too), then this is because it is advantageous trait. Survival of the fittest. There is no moral right or wrong with evolution. Nature selects things because they work well and provide an advantage to future offspring and competitive survival of that genealogy. You can harp on all you want about what is supposedly fair and morally equitable.

But it really doesn’t matter. Nature has already proven that the reproductive method you are advocating for has no merit. It doesn’t matter if you think nature is being fair to your views or not, it is just how it is. Now if you want to go have incest, or old women want to get pregnant, or people with genetic defects want to reproduce, there is nothing stopping you is there? But everyone should stop and consider whether they are being kind to the life they want to bring into the world, or whether the suffering that person will experience would mean they would rather have not been born. There at least is the moral conundrum.

Maybe one day this can be solved by science and genetic screening and modification. If incest was an advantageous evolutionary process, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation as it would simply have been part of our cultures and religions for thousands of years anyway and there would be nothing even slightly taboo about it at all. People wouldn’t even be questioning it.”

This was my answer to them, a too polite one as internally I was just thinking “well fuck you”:

“Not everything is about evolution or nature. Being gay isn’t an “advantageous trait or process” for reproduction either. Neither is being asexual. Nor transgender. All of these were taboo, and now look where we are (at least in the west / first-world countries). Taboo doesn’t mean wrong, immoral or unacceptable. The same thing that happened with the LGBT+ community is going to happen with incest regardless of how ‘unnatural’ it may or may not be.

And I repeat: Most children born from incest are healthy. Many people in incestuous relationships never have children. Some incestuous relationships are gay or transgender and can’t have biological children.

But I do agree with you on something: Maybe one day this can be solved by science and genetic screening and modification. You can definitely bet on it. Science and technology progress at an amazing rate. Someday the stupid excuse that “it causes birth defects!” will simply cease to exist.”