A reflexion

I’ve had this thought recently and I need to let it out. I always keep saying that we just can’t expect much positive TV representation of consanguinamory in 2017, that it’s way too soon, but that this is going to change in the future because we’re making slow but real progress.

And yet… I remember when I was born back in the 90’s, there was this one Spanish show that revolved around two siblings’ incestuous relationship, and it was always treated as this evil, sinful and insane love. Twenty years later, it’s still being treated exactly the same way on modern shows like Game of Thrones or Taboo.

How much actual progress did we make all these years? It feels like we’ve gotten nowhere. And I know that things will indeed change eventually, but I can’t wait forever. I want to see it with my own eyes, but the more I think about all this the more I realize that I most likely won’t, and it saddens me, but I will keep fighting nonetheless, even if it’s only so that our future generations can live in a better world than I ever did.


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