Heartbroken because of Caleb (Bates Motel)

I just watched last night’s Bates Motel episode.


I’m heartbroken. Caleb’s death was so tragic and unfair. He didn’t even care in the end whether he lived or died, because he was just so sad over Norma’s death. It was painful to watch; Norma was everything to him.

I know that he raped her once, which is obviously terrible and unjustifiable, but in spite of that, they did have a loving, consenting relationship for years up until then. They loved each other. And Caleb loved her more than anything.

I’m so sad over both their deaths. They deserved so much better. All consang relationships end up tragically, I should be used to it by now but it still pains me every time. Nonetheless, at least I take comfort from the fact that Norma forgave Caleb before her death. I’m so sorry for Caleb though. It broke my heart as he kept saying “She was somewhere…”.


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