Interesting “arguments” against incest

Someone questioned on my YouTube channel why I made such a romantic video about James and Zilpha from Taboo FX/BBC. And she gave totally valid arguments… Here’s what she said (translated from Spanish):

“Why did you put so much romanticism to this video with that song? They are blood siblings that sleep with each other. The show is great but we have to call a spade a spade. Let’s not make incest something romantic when it’s not. […]”

“[..] We have to be intelligent here. What’s common nowadays isn’t normal, let’s not send the wrong message here because it could be harmful.”

“[…] What I and many others find wrong is that two blood-related siblings have sex, we know that it’s not right, I personally know a case of incest and it has wrecked the family.”

“[…] I’ve talked to a [gay] friend and he agrees with me, he’s sensible and more intelligent than many heterosexual people who think that this is modernity and progress when in reality it’s a shameful step backwards. […]”

Just… LMAO.


One thought on “Interesting “arguments” against incest

  1. Arguments like that are just…. well they’re the kind of arguments I’ve been exposing as non-arguments.

    1. Her insistance that incest is not romantic is an OPINION. Those of us who have actually experienced consanguinamory first hand would strongly disagree with her.

    2. She doesn’t say what harm she believes is going to come from two adult siblings in a relationship… because there isn’t any. The harm comes from peoples negative reactions to it.

    3. Peoples REACTIONS to incest can wreck a family unit, as can numerous other things which are perfectly legal. We don’t say divorce is wrong because it breaks up a family. It’s possible that a dysfunctional relationship can ruin a family unit, but that would be the case whether the participants are related or not.

    4. So, we have a hetero regular and a gay regular who both agree that ‘incest is bad’, that is hardly a compelling argument. Furthermore, even if they had got over 100 people to agree, it doesn’t make it any more than an opinion. The majority has been wrong in the past, like how they were wrong about gay people, the flat earth, illness being caused by evil spirits…etc

    It always makes me laugh to see how lame these arguments really are, in truth they can’t do any better, which is why in the long run, we’re going to win big time.


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