Recruiting people

I will be recruiting people for the following days (at least I’ll try).

Mainly people who I know for sure are supportive of consanguineous relationships. And there are lots of incest shipping on Tumblr, AO3,,, YouTube and the like. It’d be great if you guys could try doing some recruiting as well, inviting people to our community (FB, blogs, KS forums…). Especially if someone is (or can get) in contact with a professional writer who has included (positive) incestuous relationships in their stories. Important/rich/famous people could help our cause greatly, I believe.

I will let you guys know how it’s going.


4 thoughts on “Recruiting people

  1. Nice one! I think the timing is right now to get more people involved in blogging and activism and more voices is definitely what we need. That said, I should caution you not to get overly disappointed if you only get one or two recruits to the cause, while it’s easy to get somebody to take a couple of minutes to sign a petition, it’s another to get them to commit to a few hours a week working on a blog as a long-term project. Some people lose interest after a few weeks, some simply don’t have enough time in their already hectic schedules, life happens. I’m not trying to put a dampner on this, I am as excited as you at the prosepect of more new blogs on the scene, I just want your expectations to be more realistic than mine were last year. I don’t know why, but I expected every new blogger to stick with it as I had, looking back it was silly of me to expect that, but in my excitement that’s what I did.

    Every new voice is important though, and so even if the numbers turn out to be few, do not take this as a failure. Recruitment isn’t easy, and any effort to this end is to be praised. So overall this is a great idea and well done 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Yeah i understand what you mean, I’ll keep my expectations in check, even if it’s just one or two people, it would make it worth it. But I’d like to find as many people as I can. I understand life happens though, I think that’s our biggest obstacle. Blogging or any other kind of activism requires time that many people just don’t have. But I remain hopeful. Thanks for your kind words mate. 🙂


  2. Nolan, I get what Jane is saying because I started my blog years ago and after a few posts I kind of stopped posting as often… and it really is because of life and stress in general. But I think as a way around having to do blogging there are still other ways to participate. I think one way could be something like holding more discussions in the forum. Or making a Tumblr purely for discussion, where every few days there’s a new topic on the theme of consanguinamory and people can have their say (mostly consang people, and a handful of those that want to learn more). Or someone can make more youtube vids… maybe even a channel dedicated to shipping consang pairings that are canon, and inviting vid-makers to submit their videos to that channel… These kinds of movements get bigger with the ripple effect.. .So you may start small but we could grow as long as each person inspires someone else. -Rainbowamory

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