Those who know about me

I’d like to talk about the people in my life who know about my feelings for my brother: Four friends, all males in their 20’s. Two are Spanish, one is Russian and one is Romanian.

Online friend #1 (Je): Wasn’t surprised when I told him, because he’s the one I talk to the most about my personal life (aka my brother). Incest makes him feel uncomfortable (like male homosexuality) and it is not something he personally would ever do, but he respects me, and is respectful of all kinds of consensual relationships. However, perhaps because he’s a Law graduate, he wouldn’t allow the legalization of incest or poly marriage because of Keith’s Myth #11: “It will be a legal/paperwork nightmare as our system is set up for [non-related] couples.”

Online friend #2 (Ch): Says he’s fine with incest and that people who are against it are stupid, but does not personally care about our cause. Then he told me unrequited love is pointless and that I should move on. For ten whole years, he was in love with a girl who didn’t return his feelings and basically ignored him, and one day he said he simply met another girl and fell in love with her, forgetting about the other one he had spent half his life pining for right away. He doesn’t understand me at all.

Online friend #3 (Al): Says he’s fine with siblings and cousins incest, but that he’s not too keen on parent/child incest. Probably because of Myth #20: “There is a power differential” and the usual “It’s disgusting”. He’s been quite supportive and sympathetic of my situation.

Real life friend (V): He asked me why people think incest is gross, as he is totally fine with it. His half-sister, who has a boyfriend, told him once that he makes her relationship with her bf stronger whenever he’s with them, and “implied” that she’d like to have a threesome with him and her bf. My friend refused because he just wasn’t interested.

I have another real life friend (40ish, female, Spanish) – the one I’m closest to – who I’d like to tell someday. But I’m not going to do it anytime soon,  as she has a 6-year-old son who is also my friend, and I fear that if she reacted badly, that she might not allow me to see her son again (perhaps thinking that I’d hurt him because I’m such a “pervert”). So I’m only going to tell her when her son turns 16 years old… In 2027. Other than her, I do not plan on telling anyone else in real life, ever.


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